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Hole in the Sky

Who Are We?

Jasmine Klapia

Jasmine Klapia Inc
The Hole in the Sky is a portal to the connection between everything and everybody. It deals with the essence of life, peace, love, relationships, children, our inner side, connections, and relativity between everything and everybody. The characters in this book are rich in experience and cryptic in communication. Some of the major points of the book include: how deeply we are tethered to other people on Earth; that there is a God; everyone's life is penciled into a master plan; and there is always help”we only have to ask for it. There is no such a thing as a secret since God is speaking to everybody. Some will listen and some will not. Some, like myself, will find these secrets. I found the biggest secret one that no one has known about through the hole in the sky.
Author Bio
Jasmine Klapia felt a call to artistry early in her life. Thirty years later she began to realize that this awareness toward art was akin to a driving force. Her interests were to explore the more involved areas of varied cultures, spirituality, and human nature.