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The Fraud Factor

Recognize It. Overcome It.

Bruce E. Roselle

160 pages
Roselle Leadership Strategies
Just like you, on some level, in certain situations, every person feels like a fraud. Does that surprise you? Even the most successful and confident individuals find themselves in settings where they begin to think that someone else would have been a much better choice to handle their duties. In this book, the word 'fraud' means feeling inauthentic, like a phony or charlatan in a particular situation that, in your mind, requires you to pretend to be someone very different than who you really are at the core. The most effective individuals function genuinely from their core personality, abilities, motivators, and beliefs; they get into trouble when they stray too far from that core. This book uses stories of real people to illustrate the problem, and then suggests a strategy for getting real again. Stop feeling like a fraud, and start being the person you were meant to be-read this book!
Author Bio
Bruce E. Roselle, PhD, LP is an organizational psychologist who brings a breadth of experience and a deep sense of purpose to the task of helping leaders develop greater effectiveness and more wholehearted, fearless attitudes.For more than 30 years, Bruce has served organizations in the areas of executive coaching, leadership and team development, and psychological assessment. Founder and principal of Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. (1995), he has coached executives, managers, and individual contributors since 1981.A recognized expert in the field of leadership development, Bruce is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and corporate events. Licensed as a psychologist in Minnesota, he holds a PhD degree in Counseling from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He earned his Psychology BA degree at Northwestern University. Before starting Roselle Leadership Strategies, he worked as a Senior Consultant at Personnel Decisions International.Bruce has written and co-written articles that appeared in the T&D Journal of ASTD, Counseling and Human Development, Executive Excellence, Leadership Excellence, and the Enterprise MN magazine. In addition, he has been quoted in print, radio, and television media on his views regarding creating work that is fun, leading wholeheartedly, leading fearlessly, and dealing with stress at work.He has published two books, Vital Truths: The secret to living and leading wholeheartedly (2002), and Fearless Leadership: Conquering your fears and the lies that drive them (2006). This second book won two awards from independent publishing organizations, one for Best Business Book (bronze) and another for Best Self-Help Book (silver) in 2007. His third book, The Fraud Factor: Recognize it. Overcome it, was published in May 2016.