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Fearless Leadership

Conquering Your Fears And the Lies That Drive Them

Bruce E. Roselle

Roselle Leadership Strategies
Fearless Leadership is designed to help people determine how irrational fears, faulty beliefs, and the lies they believe to be true of themselves get in the way of a happy life. This book helps readers learn to create healthy beliefs and bedrock truth to guide them in the future. Fearless Leadership provides a seven-step model for understanding how people develop undesirable behaviors and what keeps them in place. It teaches readers to know the truth about themselves so they are not stopped by their own irrational reactions. Readers can then work with optimistic attitudes and embrace new challenges with confidence and courage.
Author Bio
Bruce E. Roselle, Ph.D., is a psychologist who helps organizations hire and develop great leaders. For more than 20 years, he has supported organizations in the areas of leadership and team development, executive coaching, and psychological assessment. He has served companies ranging from high-tech and manufacturing to service firms, as well as nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and churches. Roselle is the author of Vital Truths.