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A Woman from God's Perspective

Anna Mary Byler

176 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
Life isn't all ever-blooming roses. The bright petals fall and thorns prick our comfort zones. The future is lined with scattered clouds of uncertainty. A Woman from God's Perspective comes at a time of rapid change in how we work and live. Our impressive technology is constantly improved, forcing us to update or replace. City dumps are peppered with obsolete electronic equipment. The housewife has an abundance of automatic gadgetry to 'save time' and do her work; the advertisers advise her that she still doesn't have the latest. The author writes in the midst of her own testing and suffering. She writes from her experience as a loyal wife, a faithful mother, and a caring grandmother. Her insights come from a deep inner desire to be a godly woman from God's perspective, a commitment to God's word, and a careful walk with Him. Here is a noteworthy encouragement to be a godly person in a changing world.
Author Bio
Anna Mary Byler lives with her husband near Stuarts Draft Virginia. Her husband Bennie is retired from many years in active church ministry. Their ministry has taken them to a number of other countries. They were blessed with three daughters and one son. Grandchildren now grace their family gatherings.