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Punctuation for Writers

A Thorough Primer for Writers of Fiction and Essays

Harvey Stanbrough

Central Avenue Press
True to the name of the Thorough Primer Series for Writers, Punctuation for Writers is a concise, thorough, one-two punch. The first section explains the rules of punctuation, including how to break those rules intentionally to achieve a particular effect. In the second section, Stanbrough puts punctuation in perspective with a brief but thorough and witty grammar refresher.
Author Bio
After enjoying a 21 year civilian appreciation course in the U.S. Marine Corps, Harvey Stanbrough attended Eastern New Mexico University where he earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in English in 1995. His previous collections of poetry include Lessons for a Barren Population, Residua, On Love and War and Other Fallacies, which was nominated for a 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Letters, and Intimations of the Shapes of Things.