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Brace Yourself

Book Nine of the Syndicated Cartoon Strip Stone Soup

Jan Eliot

Four Panel Press
This is the ninth collection of Stone Soup cartoons. Stone Soup is a comic strip with wide appeal that has been syndicated in over two hundred newspapers for more than fifteen years. Stone Soup features an extended, blended multigenerational family, and the humor comes from their chaotic, messy, and joyful life. From the working mom trying to stay professional while her middle-schooler melts down on her office phone, to the toddler who prefers wearing his potty as a hat, all mixed with the surprise of an oops baby on the way...the Stone Soup clan lives a life that is just about as messy as it gets. Stone Soup follows the lives of Val and Joan, two sisters who, together with their families live next door to each other, just across the fence. Sometimes the fence is not high enough, but deep down they all depend on each other for a full and complete life.
Author Bio
Jan Eliot was a harried working mom struggling to support two young daughters when she first began drawing cartoons based on her experiences. Members of her family, plus friends and coworkers, have been models for her characters, making the Stone Soup family seem very real to its readers. Eliot's work is exhibited in the Charles Schulz Museum and The San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum. Now internationally syndicated, she cartoons full time.