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Color By Design: Paint and Print With Dye

Ann Johnston

168 pages
Ann Johnston

Color By Design: Paint & Print With Dye is Fast, Simple, and Exciting...

Color by Design shows you how to dye cottons and silks in an incredible range of colors and patterns-without changing the feel of your fabric. Using every tool imaginable-from brushes, sponges, stamps, and blocks to rollers, sprays, silk screens, and more-you will discover an endless array of techniques. Right away, you will be able to create your own distinctive marks and colors, and with practice, you will create intricate designs with confidence and spontaneity. The fun never stops!

Color by Design offers:

  • 48 exercises with crystal-clear directions, step by step
  • Recipes that can be prepared ahead and information to store them
  • More than 120 color photos of sensational fabrics, with how-to captions
  • Information and options for more experienced dyers
  • Special chapters on water-soluble resists and on dyeing blacks
  • "I love this book. Ann's writing is friendly and inspiring. A beginner will be able to follow the processes easily, and dyers with some experience will be able to build on Ann's directions as they create more advanced dyed surfaces. I wanted to rush out to the studio and get started."
    --Jane Dunnewold, Author of Complex Cloth, San Antonio, TX

    "Anyone who is interested in dyeing processes should use this direct, no-nonsense, user-friendly book as a text.
    --Ed Lambert, Art Professor, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

    "How lucky can we dyers be! Ann has clarified the mysteries of dye painting as well as taken the angst away! The photo examples are seductive, luring you immediately into trying each exercise."
    --Patty Hawkins, Quilt Artist, Lyons, CO

    "Ann leads you through a well-thought-out series of exercises that will help you gain a lot of experience in a short time. It is a wonderful book for dyers and surface designers no matter what level of skill and experience."
    --Heide Stoll-Weber, Textile Artist, Frankfurt, Germany