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Color By Accident

Low-Water Immersion Dyeing

Ann Johnston

95 pages
Ann Johnston

Color By Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dyeing

Color by Accident is designed to be used as a workbook and as a reference manual for the adventuresome. Beginning and experienced dyers will find Color By Accident to be an inspiring guide for creating one-of-a-kind fabrics not available commercially. It includes five variations on a versatile method and 54 tested recipes. Not required are expensive equipment, dangerous chemicals or specialized studio space. Other books teach how to repeat a method and reproduce colors. This book points the way to exploring new color combinations and to achieving fabric that will be unique and visually complex.

How is Color By Accident different from other dye books?

  • The approach is spontaneous
  • The small amount of water used makes dyeing easy
  • The recipes can be adapted to fit any schedule
  • No salt is required
  • The results are one-of-a-kind
  • "A wonderful textbook reflecting years of practice and experimentation! Clear. Concise. Well thought out...and easy to understand. The recipes have been tried over and over again until they have proven to give great results. Readers will begin to see the enormous flexibility in all of these approaches to dyeing while at the same time gaining a much deeper understanding of the nature of dyeing.

    “This book will become a classic for anyone wanting to create their own vocabulary of fabrics."

    --Nancy Crow, Baltimore, OH

    "Ann has changed the face of quiltmaking with her innovative combinations of painting and piecing. In her new book, Color By Accident, she explores an exciting and unpredictable approach to immersion dyeing in which colors move and blend and are always a revelation to the artist.”

    --Jean Ray Laury, Clovis, CA

    "Ann Johnston's Color By Accident is worth every penny! It offers a rare opportunity to discover the hard-earned color dye bath secrets of an artist who is a leading force in the newly emerging surface design movement in contemporary quilts. Each of her color recipes is presented in detailed, easy-to-follow steps. For the price of the book you get Ann teaching you your own personal workshop. If you’ve ever wondered how to add a rich new dimension to your quiltmaking, you should read this book.”

    --Penny McMorris, Bowling Green, OH