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The Book of MEME Law

How Human Social Organisms Create Gods, Build Cities, Form Nations; unleash Devils, Make War and Kill US Dead!

Britt Minshall

226 pages
Renaissance Institute Press
In over 40 years of academic and practical experience in dealing with individuals and communities Britt discovered (1) There are two of each of us (personal and members of Social groups (MEMES). These Two are estranged from each other. (2) the world is ruled by these Social MEMES and 55 default settings govern EVERYONE IDENTICALLY. These are the 55 MEME Laws.
Author Bio
Britt graduated Boston University with a Doctorate in Social Psychology - Group Dynamics. sixteen years as an law Enforcement officer followed by 28 years of Ministry (Parish, Prison, Hospital) and 30 years continual study of Human Memes led him to discover the 55 Default Settings (MEME Laws) governing EVERY MEME on earth (Political, Religious, Economic)