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Family Desk Reference to Psychology

Practical, Expert Counseling Advice at Your Fingertips!

Chuck T Falcon

Sensible Psychology Press
This is the first psychology self-help book to cover all of the most important common personal problems and describe how to solve them in very simple, practical terms. It brings psychology's most up-to-date, useful advice and describes things in easy language so anyone can use it as a handbook and benefit. Besides the standard counseling information taught in schools for psychologists, the author has gathered the best guidance from new scholarly books for psychologists on each area of human life problems, recent research studies reported in technical journals and periodicals, and hundreds of new counseling manuals, self-help books, and psychology texts.

National Mental Health Association: “An easy-to-read reference ... enlightened and comprehensive ... very interesting and informative ... terrific understanding, compassion, and clinical knowledge”

National Self-Help Clearinghouse: “a bountiful source of information ... no-nonsense solutions to problems. Use it as a guide to better emotional health.”

American Mental Health Counselors Association: “an enjoyable and easy read ... I would recommend it to consumers, students, clergy, teachers, and volunteers ... particularly telling about the dangerously wide range of actual expertise and effectiveness of treatments”

Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy: “Highly recommended ... immensely beneficial ... child rearing is discussed with utmost sensitivity and know-how ... a tribute to the field of psychology ... a balm for those who suffer.”

Science Books & Films: “ an ideal gift for young adults, newlyweds, young parents, or anyone facing change in their life. ... Parental concerns from infancy throughout adolescence are addressed with clarity. ... provides a balanced presentation of controversial and sensitive issues.”

International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling, and Psychotherapy: “remarkable ... practical and useful ... designed to be used by the layperson, but a useful guide for the practicing clinician.”

For more information, visit: http://helpwinanobelpeaceprize.org/self-help-book/