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Angela Kilmartin

131 pages
Angela Kilmartin
Candida, Yeast is THE seminal work for patients on causes, prevention and cures of this fungal illness that work in every-day life. The accent is on finding the cause/s, removing them and preventing. Only one page of diet is in here, Angela refutes rigid anti-Candida diets as impossible to live with and immune system-depressing. This book is about causes of Candida/yeast infections,illnesses, drugs, mercury fillings, steroids, antibiotics, lifestyle, clothing,fungi,tiredness, weather, vaginal Thrush,general sites, HIVAids, dying, diabetes,immune system, workplace, sports, foodstuffs, alcohol, yeasts, and much more. Matching treatments and tips abound throughout this encompassingly informative patient's book. 5-star-rated,Candida is all about getting better.