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Saintly Scorecard 2017

The Definitive Guide to Lent Madness

Scott Gunn Anna Fitch Couri David Sibley David Hansen Tim Schenck Derek Olsen Hugo Olaiz Amber Belldene Beth Lewis Megan L. Castellan Laurie Brock Neva Rae Fox David Creech Adam Thomas

64 pages
Forward Movement
The Saintly Scorecard is the official guide to Lent Madness, featuring the biographies of all 32 saints in contention for the coveted Golden Halo. It also includes tips on how congregations and individuals can use Lent Madness as a devotional tool, as well as a handy glossary and fold-out bracket so you can keep track of the winners.
Author Bio
Scott Gunn is an Episcopal priest and self-confessed technophile. He serves as the executive director of Forward Movement in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose mission is to inspire disciples and empower evangelists. Prior to his work at Forward Movement, Scott was a parish priest in Rhode Island, and before that he worked in the tech industry in a variety of settings. Scott is co-author of Faithful Questions: Exploring the Way with Jesus, and his writing has appeared in a number of print magazines, journals, and websites. Though Scott is happily married and the proud owner of a dog (who has his own Twitter handle, @GeorgeTDog), Scott will never, ever have ferrets at home. He keeps a blog at sevenwholedays.org, and you can find him on Twitter @ScottAGunn. Anna Fitch Courie is an army wife, nurse, layperson, and the author of Christ Walk: A 40 Day Spiritual Fitness Program (Church Publishing, Inc., 2015); Christ Walk Kids (Church Publishing, 2016); Sally the Comet (CreateSpace, 2015); and Sally and the Constellations (CreateSpace, TBD). Anna finds her calling where health and spirituality intersect. In her spare time, she fights cancer, consults in public health, and runs the “Christ Walk” program. In her dream world, she hikes the El Camino and Mount Rainier, sails, travels, cooks, reads, and attends every Clemson football game. David Sibley, Distinguished Celebrity Blogger, serves as rector of Christ Church in Manhasset, Long Island, New York. Raised in South Carolina, David studied and did research as a chemist before his call to ordination and moving to attend seminary in New York City. When not in church, David enjoys travel, hiking and camping, all things food and music related, and is a sports fanatic—with his teams of choice in baseball (Chicago Cubs), college football (South Carolina Gamecocks), and soccer (Liverpool FC) being minor obsessions. When the ideas are forthcoming, he has been known to blog at FeedingonManna.org, and holds forth much more often with his partners in crime on Twitter at @davidsibley. He is married to Em, a doctoral candidate in comparative literature at New York University. David Hansen, despite growing up as a pastor’s kid, turned out okay. An ELCA pastor, he serves at Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, Texas (outside of Houston), where he lives with his wife Megan, their daughter, and their menagerie of pets. When not preaching and teaching for the Lutheran diaspora in Texas, David is helping to drag the church into the digital age—teaching congregations and leaders to make use of online tools for ministry He is an occasional contributor to The Lutheran magazine and Living Lutheran, and blogs at Pastor David L. Hansen. Connect with him on Twitter @rev_david and Facebook. Tim Schenck is rector of the Episcopal Parish of St. John the Evangelist in Hingham, Massachusetts, on the South Shore of Boston. He is the author of four books full of humor and faith, including Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent & Easter (Forward Movement) and Father Tim’s Church Survival Guide (Morehouse). Tim writes a monthly syndicated column for Gatehouse Media titled “In Good Faith.” When he’s not tending to his parish, drinking coffee, or blogging at Clergy Confidential at clergyconfidential.com, he is likely hanging out with his family that includes his wife, Bryna, two teenage sons, Benedict and Zachary, his dog Delilah, and a ferret named Mimi. Friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @FatherTim. Derek Olsen is a lay Episcopalian with a Ph.D. in New Testament. He is the author of Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to a Spiritual Life, a user-friendly guide to the spirituality found in The Book of Common Prayer published by Forward Movement. He is also liturgical editor of the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book and other works. Derek currently serves on the Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission for Liturgy & Music. He lives in Baltimore with his wife, an Episcopal priest, and their two daughters, working as an IT professional and functioning as a ballet chauffeur. Hugo Olaiz is associate editor for Latino/Hispanic resources at Forward Movement. Hugo grew up in Argentina, a country where cities are sometimes named after saints. After completing a degree in literature and classics, Hugo spent two years on mission in Paraguay. He later moved to the U.S. to do graduate studies in Spanish, linguistics, and translation, pursuing a doctorate in Hispanic linguistics at Berkeley, California. Hugo lives in Oxford, Ohio, with his husband John-Charles Duffy and an aging beagle mix named Patches. In his spare time, he loves to entertain friends, edit Wikipedia entries, and watch opera clips on YouTube. As a kid, Amber Belldene hid novels inside the service bulletin to read during sermons, an irony that is not lost on her when she preaches these days. More recently, she’s been observed ogling her Kindle in the church parking lot. Amber is a romance novelist and Episcopal priest who believes sexuality is vital to spirituality, love is beautifully messy, and stories are the best way to explore human truths. She has two paranormal romance series published, and she’s currently focused on her contemporary Hot Under Her Collar series about young clergy women finding passion, both human and divine. Beth Lewis is the chief executive officer of 1517 Media. Prior to assuming this role in 2002, she owned a technology career school for four years. For twenty-two years before that, she worked for several Fortune 500 publishing companies. Under her leadership, 1517 Media has provided innovative leadership in the creation of print and digital resources for the Church. She is a popular keynote speaker and workshop leader on topics such as turning around faith-based organizations for the twenty-first century, effective use of technology by congregations, and congregational hospitality. Megan L. Castellan, Distinguished Celebrity Blogger, is the assistant rector at St. Paul’s, Kansas City, and the network diocesan youth coordinator for the northern half of western Missouri. Prior to that, she was a college chaplain in Flagstaff, Arizona. She is an avid knitter, singer, Twitter-er, and sometimes blogger. Though she has now written for The Toast, McSweeney’s, Episcopal Cafe, and other Internet outlets that she has trouble convincing her parents are real, she considers her greatest achievement to be becoming a Celebrity Blogger for Lent Madness in 2012. Laurie Brock returns as a Distinguished Celebrity Blogger. When she isn’t diligently researching saints for Lent Madness to meet the many deadlines in plenty of time, she serves as rector of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and is known to hold forth on Twitter at @drtysxyministry about religion, interesting observations about TV shows, and Alabama football. She blogs at DirtySexyMinistry.com and has written or contributed to several books on faith and spirituality. She is a competitive equestrian, frequently showing Nina, the official horse of Lent Madness. Neva Rae Fox counts her blessings—and gives thanks to the Supreme Executive Committee—for the honor of returning as a Celebrity Blogger for a third year. Neva Rae is the Public Affairs Officer for the Episcopal Church which continues to keep her busy, dedicated, connected, and on her toes. Neva Rae remains active in her own Episcopal Church—St. John’s, Somerville NJ, Diocese of New Jersey. Relaxation for this Jersey Girl is enjoying music (ranging from Clapton and Copland to Beethoven and Puccini), cheering (often in vain) for the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles, and checking off “bucket list” items—in 2016 she checked off Stonehenge, Scotland, and running longer than she ever dreamed. David Creech is Assistant Professor of Religion at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. He is a product of an Evangelical seminary and a Catholic PhD program and now teaches at a Lutheran college and worships with Episcopalians. His book title is long and boring (The Use of Scripture in the Apocryphon of John: A Diachronic Analysis of the Variant Versions) but nearly sold out of its initial print run of 200 copies. You can follow David on Twitter @dyingsparrows and read his oftentimes provocative posts at his blog by the same name. When not teaching and writing, David enjoys beating his three kids in the game of Sorry. In 2012, Adam Thomas begged Lent Madness founder Tim Schenck to let him spruce up the Excel file he was using for a bracket. Tim said yes and bestowed upon him the title of Bracket Czar. Adam serves God as the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Mystic, Connecticut, and writes the website wherethewind.com. His books include Digital Disciple and Letters from Ruby. He lives in Mystic with his wife Leah and their twin toddlers.