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Slaying Your Goliaths

How God Can Help

John Ohmer

123 pages
Forward Movement

How can God help others, like David, to overcome seemingly impossible odds? The David and Goliath story offers spiritual guidance on how to overcome obstacles. Rather than offering “self-help,” the story offers “God-help,” rooted in its history as a story told by people of faith to people of faith. The ancient story of David and Goliath speaks to modern people facing modern problems, offering spiritual guidance and reassurance that God is with His people always, even and especially when they face and slay their giants.

Author Bio
The Rev. John Ohmer, rector of The Falls Church Episcopal in Virginia, has 20 years of experience as an ordained minister and working pastor. Prior to entering Virginia Theological Seminary in 1994, he worked on Capitol Hill, as well as in his home state of Indiana, as a press secretary and speechwriter.