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A Pocket Guide to Ethical Issues

Andrew Goddard

224 pages
SPCK Group
- Is there such a thing as a just war? - What are the moral issues surrounding genetic engineering? - Is it ethical to create babies for infertile couples? - Can it ever be right to help someone else to die? - Is the death penalty justified? - How can we care for the environment? - What about animal rights? - What are the challenges of globalisation? These are some of the central issues addressed in this book. The author introduces the issues and the questions surrounding them and offers his own perspective. This book follows on in series from A Pocket Guide to Sects and New Religions (2005) and A Pocket Guide to the Bible (2004).
Author Bio
ANDREW GODDARD is an Anglican priest teaching Ethics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He is a member of the Theology Faculty, Oxford University and author of The Moral Leader (with James Jones for IVP) and Living the Word, Resisting the World: The Life and Thought of Jacques Ellul (Paternoster).