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A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence

Gayle Barkley Lee Lyrica Mia Marquez

182 pages
Chrysalis Gold LLC
Lyrica is born, seemingly unreachable. With a recommendation to institutionalize her and a diagnosis of autism, her mother, Gayle, won't give up. With love and patience she stops at nothing to penetrate her daughter's wall. The barrier is breached and Gayle is welcomed into Lyrica's world. While Gayle attempts to teach her daughter, she discovers that Lyrica is an enlightened spiritual being, sharing wisdom beyond this world. As Gayle opens up to Lyrica's gifts, miraculous events begin to shape her life. Lyrica and friends, Leslie, Kellen, and Sara, write how they love their lives in autism and are here with a grand purpose. They share their mystical abilities, including telepathy, soul traveling, healing, oneness, gridding Earth energy, and communing with angels. Lyrica reveals that autistic souls are wired at a higher frequency that enables them to experience multidimensional worlds. Written by mother and daughter, this book will challenge every conventional belief of autism, religion, and our world.
Author Bio
AWEtizm: A Hidden Key to Our Spiritual Magnificence is cowritten by Gayle Barkley Lee and Lyrica Mia Marquez with contributing writers Leslie Rau, Kellen Hunt, and Sara Orah. Gayle has dedicated her life to autism and spiritual development. Her undergraduate degree in religion, master's degree in social work, and professional certification as a metaphysical minister and a spiritual healer and teacher support this work. Yet, she honors her autistic daughter, Lyrica, and autistic friends Leslie, Kellen, and Sara, as her most profound teachers. Lyrica, Leslie, Kellen, and Sara have lived their lives in silence, unable to verbally communicate. However, at age eight, Lyrica taught her a supported typing process that has empowered her and the others to share profound revelations. To Gayle, autistic souls are spiritual savants with much to teach us about autism, the human soul, and the Higher Mysteries.