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Back to Basics

A Practitioner's Guide to Operations Excellence

Douglas Sutton

172 pages
Operations Excellence Svcs Llc
What is operations excellence? Simply put, operations excellence is the single most important factor in reaching the next level of operational performance. Whether you are a team leader, a small-business owner, or a veteran operations professional, Doug Sutton's Back to Basics will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to begin your journey toward operations excellence. At the conclusion of each discussion, four true-to-life cases illustrate how common problems encountered at every level of operations can be overcome through application of the operations excellence techniques learned in the preceding chapter. Back to Basics: A Practitioner's Guide to Operations Excellence is different from the hundreds of other operations books. By focusing on tried-and-true fundamentals of operations excellence, Doug Sutton outlines a strategy by which real, sustainable, long-term improvement is not only possible - it's inevitable. If you truly want your operation to be excellent, do not overlook this book.
Author Bio
Doug Sutton is a hands-on operations professional and a proponent of the fundamentals of operations excellence. He developed his keen perspective and unique insights over twenty-five years in operations, during which time he served in a number of leadership positions and in multiple industries including military communications and commercial products manufacturing, financial services, and insurance. Throughout his distinguished career, he has lent his knowledge and expertise to hundreds of employees, inspiring them to deliver double-digit improvements in quality, service, and cost. Organizations helmed by Sutton have delivered millions of dollars in annual cost savings, achieved ISO certification, and won back-to-back gold awards at the Association for Quality and Participation (AQP) National Team Excellence Award competition. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and is passionate about developing exceptional operations and organizations.