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A Little Bit of Hope

100 affirmations for positive living

120 pages
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A Little Bit of Hope is an uplifting book filled with positive, bite-sized affirmations by inspirational TV presenter and charity campaigner Katie Piper. Perfect to take with you wherever you go and are in need a positive boost to overcome your fears and be your best self.

This short and empowering collection 100 bite-sized affirmations, abridged from Katie Piper's bestselling book A Little Bit of Faith, encourages us to see that heartbreak and hardship can become fuel for your fight. Whatever life has thrown at you lately, you can fall countless times and still get back up again and succeed – all you need is a little bit of hope.

Beautifully designed and wonderfully uplifting, this 100-day devotional is easy to dip in and out of and take with you on the go. It will help you find the strength and confidence when you need it most. Helpful and a great gift for anyone struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, and depression, or just looking for inspiration and a positive change in your mindset. A Little Bit of Hope is a must-have book of positive affirmations for optimising your mental health and well-being.

Author Bio

Katie Piper (Author)
Katie Piper is a best-selling author, TV presenter and philanthropist. Described as an ‘icon of her generation’, Katie secured her place in the nation’s hearts when she appeared on Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face, which covered the early stages of her recovery after an acid attack in 2008.

For over a decade, Katie has devoted her life to The Katie Piper Foundation to support those living with burns and scars; she has received numerous awards, accolades and doctorates for her work. Katie is a much-loved presenter for the BBC’s Songs of Praise and BBC Radio 2, the host of the acclaimed Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People podcast and face of iconic global beauty brands.

Katie is dedicated to removing the traditional stigma of beauty across the media and will continue to lead thought promoting diversity, inclusion and acceptance across society.