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A Month with Julian of Norwich

Emily Oakley Kathy Dyke Michelle Clark Edited by Rima Devereaux

72 pages
SPCK Group

Spend a month in the company of Julian of Norwich, with sixty-two reflections to enrich your mornings and evenings.

‘According to her vision of God, he . . . has always been imparting unconditional love.’ - Janina Ramirez, from Julian of Norwich: A very brief history

Praise for the A Month with series:

‘This series helps us to be properly nurtured by the living, radical Christian tradition of faith.’ - Mark Oakley, author and Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth-century mystic whose writings vividly convey the love of God and his presence in suffering.

Author Bio
Rima Devereaux is an editor, writer and translator.