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16-and-a-Half Ways to Upgrade Your Faith

Bob Wallington

144 pages
SPCK Group

We’ve all been there. One minute we’re sky-high in our relationship with God, and the next we’re questioning whether he’s listening to us at all. But what if there was a way to get past the ups and downs? What if there was a way to maintain a relationship with God that could withstand the difficulties and distractions of everyday life?

This book has not just one way, but 16 and a half ways to take your faith to the next level. From using your gifts and starting to serve to stepping out in your prayer life, here are some simple and incredibly practical ways you can see your faith come alive as never before.

Get ready to upgrade your faith life.

Author Bio
Bob Wallington is the youth pastor at Soul Survivor Watford. Growing up within Soul Survivor church, he is well-known within the church community and on the summer conference scene. Prior to this, Bob was Director of OneLife, an organisation which trains and develops young leaders and holds yearly conferences across the UK.