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A Room with a View

Ministry With The World At Your Door

Nicholas Holtam

160 pages
SPCK Group
As vicar of St Martin in the Fields, Nicholas Holtam reflects on important characteristics of parish ministry and mission. Like Trafalgar Square, it should be open to the world, not inward-looking; it should be a place of prayer and it should be open to the poorest. This was the vision which shaped Dick Sheppard's work at St Martins - as the 'ever-open door'. In the traditions of St Martins, Nicholas Holtam broadcasts regularly, runs the largest homeless project in Britain, relates to Trafalgar Square with its people from all over the world, and its demonstrations on major issues.
Author Bio
Nicholas Holtam was a curate in Stepney, taught Ethics at Lincoln Theological College, then as rector of the Isle of Dogs led the campaign of local churches in response to the election of Derek Beacon as BNP candidate, and has now been at St Martin in the Fields for the past 11 years.