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Master Brush Set Gary Jenkins Pigment Power

Gary Jenkins Kathwren Jenkins

Farbi Flora Gmbh
The Master Brush Set
The Master Brush Set contains all 11 Gary Jenkins Pigment Power Brushes in a professional black case.

Round Brush
This brush is made of quality Kolinsky sable hair. It is similar in shape to the Skript Liner, only the hairs are shorter. It is also shaped to a very sharp and precise point. This brush is used for painting detail such as long stamens in flowers, tiny accents in flowers, leaves and ferns, facial features in people, animals and birds. The Round Brush is also used for fish and feathers on small birds and details in landscapes. It is also a good brush to add your signature to your finished painting.

Skript Liner
The Skript Liner is made of very good quality Kolinsky sable hair. It is sometimes referred to as a liner brush. It has long hairs and comes to a very precise, fine tapered point. This brush is shaped perfectly to be used when painting long grasses, tree branches and twigs etc. The hairs are soft and have just the right amount of spring to them.

Filbert Brush 3/8 inch
The Filbert Brush is made of synthetic hair. This is basically an oval shape brush with a rounded end, similar to a cats tongue. It is helpful to have the smaller Filbert Brush when painting on smaller size canvasses. Many small leaves and ferns, and flowers as well as bird feathers can be painted using this brush.

Filbert Brush ½ inch
This Filbert brush is made of synthetic hair and shaped the same as the Filbert Brush 3/8 inch. The rounded profile is very helpful when painting small cluster or wild flowers, Daisies, Chrysanthemum petals, Geraniums, Sunflowers etc. This type of brush is also used when painting the large Exotic Bird Feathers. Leaves and ferns can also be painted with the Filbert.

Flat Brush ¼ inch
Made of synthetic hair this flat brush is perfect for many small objects where you need to get detail. This small Flat Brush is helpful when painting on very small canvasses. This brush works very well for portrait painting, very small flowers and leaves and detail in landscapes.

Flat Brush 5/8 inch
This Flat Brush has the same shape and characteristics as the other Flat Brushes. The brush is made of synthetic hair and is extremely useful when painting flowers on smaller canvasses. It also works well when painting landscaped and seascapes. It is always a good idea to include several different sizes of Flats into your brush collection.
Author Bio
Gary and Kathwren made their names as artists and taught painting for more than 40 years. Their seminares and their TV-shows since 1983 are legendary. During the early 1980's, Gary Jenkins had the opportunity to become one of the first painting instructors on television in the United States. This television show, called "Jenkins Art Studio", aired on about 130 television stations annually, for over 16 years, making it the longest running art show to produce new series each year. During his long 45+ year professional career, Gary has demonstrated at many major art conventions, shown in some of the most well-known art galleries in California, had many of his original paintings put into print and sold internationally. Since 2007 Gary and his artist wife Kathwren are hosting their international television series "The Beauty of Oil Painting", shown on PBS and several European public broadcasters.